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Established in 2010 and standardized under ISO 9001 – 2008 & ISO 22000 and other quality systems, D. TRIANGLE marks a milestone in the journey that brought delectable spices of Asia to the European markets. The spice trade spans as far back as before the Middle Ages when trade routes to Asia were discovered and explorers searched for treasures in foreign lands and remote destinations.

Pure Ceylon Cinnamon comes from Ceylon, the island described as the beautiful iridescent pearl of the Indian Ocean which has been renowned far and wide since ancient times for the wealth of spices it gifted to the world...

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Ceylon cinnamon despite its name Verum, is widely considered to be superior, both in terms of flavour and health perks.

Mace is also produced from the outer aril of the nutmeg seed. It contains myristicin which makes it another spice healer.

The sweet earthy piney flavour of nutmeg is an essential spice in seasoning flavourful desserts such as puddings, cakes, custards, cookies, etc.

Cloves are the most well-known spice in the group of spices known as “flower spices” and possess a strong, sweet flavour.

Our Ceylon black pepper has a sharp, quick taste and a lingering aroma. We select only high density early harvest berries with a deep black hue.

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Sharing the Legacy of Ceylon's Indigenous Spices with the World