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The Saga of D. TRIANGLE

Established in 2010 and standardized under ISO 9001 – 2008 & ISO 22000 and other quality systems, D. TRIANGLE marks a milestone in the journey that brought delectable spices of Asia to the European markets. The spice trade spans as far back as before the Middle Ages when trade routes to Asia were discovered and explorers searched for treasures in foreign lands and remote destinations.

Pure Ceylon Cinnamon comes from Ceylon, the island described as the beautiful iridescent pearl of the Indian Ocean which has been renowned far and wide since ancient times for the wealth of spices it gifted to the world, among which Ceylon cinnamon stands on prestigious high ground for the multitude of medicinal properties it contains.

Hence the saga of D. TRIANGLE unravels from this beautiful corner of the world with the initiative of one entrepreneur: Garumuni Peter De Silva who set forth with his business of exporting spices worldwide. Thus the efforts of a single great man illumined the path of generations culminating in the gifting of exotic spices grown in the lush natural soil and environment of this beautiful island enriching the lifestyles of innovation seeking men and women crossing the cultural and geographical gulfs.

Inspired by his pioneer father and endowed with the knowledge, expertise, skill and fortification of generations, Nihal De Silva, the chairman of the company, has forged and steered an even more advanced and modern global trade preserving the original standards while also making many developments in the farming and exporting of pristinely pure organic Ceylon cinnamon with other spices from Ceylon. Nihal De Silva is the embodiment of enduring stability, incisive determination and formidable strength that make all other innovative endeavours within the company possible. Thus D. TRIANGLE is the continuation of a proud legacy bequeathed from a father to a son and also a symbol of Ceylon’s inheritance.

The advent of Upuli De Silva, wife of Nihal De Silva and managing director of the company, with her knowledge and experiences in the export business and avant-garde, zealous, creative and generous spirit kindled the innovative spark of the entire organization paving the way to reach greater heights. The united strength and vision of these two pathfinders embarks and sustains the future of D. TRIANGLE.


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