Infrastructure - Dtriangle

Field operation, facilities, distribution, administrative operations, and marketing are all integrated; working with corporation and solidarity to meet market needs.

TRIANGLE’s spices are processed at production plants which have ISO 9001, ISO 22000, ISO 14001, JAS, EU, USDA – Organic, and KOSHER standards. After the raw materials have been collected, they are brought to our production plant at Kesbewa for selecting and processing. Here, they are sorted according to the demands of our clients and the final products are made to meet the international norms and standards.

Men and women who are well trained and equipped with scientific and technical knowledge work in harmony in our factory where the men handle the more arduous tasks of lifting, loading and unloading heavy bales, cartons, etc., while the women are engaged in sorting out different parts of spices and fruit and help to in packaging the final products.

We use steam sterilizers made using state of the art technology where ground and whole spices are processed with guaranteed microbial results, shelf life and colour according to customers’ specifications.

The grinding of aromatic spices at our facility is achieved with minimal loss to their natural properties. We have temperature controlled storage facilities of 12000sqft.

Metal detectors and de stoners are used throughout the process. Seed spices are sorted out according colour. Special machines equipped with sieves, sifters and stem removers are used.

Sterilizers with preset conditions are used to obtain results specified by customers. Products are achieved with uniform microbiological results in every lot. Cinnamon is cut in a range of popular sizes (2”, 3”, 5” and 8”) as per the requirements of customers.

Our drying facilities use the best techniques and machines to wash and dry spices and fresh fruit utilizing innovative drying techniques that preserve their nutrients, aroma and taste.

Our well experienced, enthusiastic team of workers provide internationally accepted safe products to our global clientele.