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Human capital is our greatest strength

TRIANGLE is dedicated to the welfare and well being of all its employees. We care greatly and have a strong bond with our farmers, peelers, pluckers and other staff whose devoted efforts have propelled our productions.

Empowerment of women is one of the necessary solutions to eradicating poverty in less developed areas. Hence we employ a workforce where women form 60% and we do not employ any child laborers. We believe in equity and provide opportunities for worker development conducting peeler enhancement programmes. The bedrock of the Ceylon cinnamon industry lies in the knowledge and skill of the traditional cinnamon peelers whose mastery in peeling the bark of cinnamon plants have made it possible to obtain this delightful spice.

Part of our ideology is to respect and recognize the capital of our workers and achieve Fairtrade standards in the future. Thus we are intent on strengthening the lives of our staff including the farmers, pluckers, cinnamon peelers and their families. As a stepping stone to achieving this, D. TRIANGLE saves a percentage of the profits in a piggy bank account dedicated to providing for the needs of the peelers and farmers. We also conduct painting programmes for the children of peelers and provide them with stationery items needed for schooling. We also plan to conduct health clinics to look after our employees and their families by facilitating them to obtain medical checkups; improve hygienic practices and cleanliness. Furthermore, we plan to provide spectacles to the visually impaired seniors in the community.