Our Green Fields - Dtriangle

Presenting the finest of zesty exotic organic Ceylon spices

Sri Lanka’s mesmerizing luscious vegetation is a gold mine, a treasure trove that gives birth to spices with tangy unique tastes and aromas. This lush verdant island teeming with indigenous flora and fauna and its fascinating and diverse climate that ranges from warm, sultry and humid in the coastal regions to fine, sunny, mild and temperate in the hill country contribute to the unique nature of our spices grown in many different parts of the country.

D. TRIANGLE’s aim is to adopt and achieve sustainable farming methods that will protect the natural resources of the soil and yield benefits in the long run, ensuring the richness of our fertile farms. Our intention is not only to reap the best our motherland’s soil has to offer but also to soothe and revive vegetation that has been harmed and polluted by agro-chemicals. We are dedicated to using eco fertilizers that will render a helping hand to Mother Nature to support and sustain the organic farming system.